A fast, dumb JSON serialization approach for Rails

Nowadays there are some great gems to generate your JSON responses. ActiveModel::Serializers (my preferred solution), Jbuilder and RABL (bit obscure syntax and some pitfalls). At »

Use Rails as JSON-API Backend, part #2

part #2: Authentication In part #1 of this series we have built a CRUD-JSON controller. In this part we will introduce an authentication-layer, so that just »

Use Rails as JSON-API Backend, part #1

part #1: CRUD I'll write a few posts about how to use Rails just as a JSON-API Backend that can be consumed by different clients. No »

Peppone - s/t

Die erste Platte, die ich hier vorstellen möchte, kommt aus Magdeburg von Peppone. Großartiger Deutschpunk mit deutlichen Anleihen bei den Boxhamsters. Tolle Texte, wunderbare, eingängige Gitarrenmelodien »